How It Works



Log into your app as a user and select a service category  

Set the Address where you want the service done

Select how you want to pay (Cash or Card) - if you select “card” you will be prompted to submit/save your information in the app. 

Browse a list of providers profiles, see prices and use filters to find service providers who match your service in your area. 

You can also leave any special instructions for the provider regarding your service. 

Can also choose when you want to the service by choosing either “BOOK NOW” for immediate help or “SCHEDULE LATER” for a specified appointed time. 

You can view the progress of the job when the service provider accepts your request.

Once the job is done, don’t forget to rate their hard work!



Log into the Providers App

Go online to start working!

Once a request comes in, you can choose to accept it 

We make communication with the customers simple by using our chat or calling tool. Your phone number will not be revealed to the customer

Start travelling to the customer's location.

Tap arrived and begin the job

.After you have completed the job select END. If there are any additional costs, discuss with the customer and then add them into the app.When everything is done, collect the payment.