Trust, Safety & Insurance

Service Providers Profiles help you identify helpful information to hire them .

Customer reviews. See what past customers say about a service provider. Verified reviews are from customers who hired a service provider on ZuriTap.  These ratings help you understand how they interacted with their customers.

  1. Business information. The profile gives the service provider a chance to tell you about their business —and explain why you should hire them. You’ll see things like pictures of their work, a description of their business, why they love what they do, a link to their website and how many times they’ve been hired on ZuriTap.


  1. Credentials. A service provider’s profile may include:
    • A license badge, which means we’ve used a public database to verify the license number they provided.
    • A background check tag , which means the account holder submitted a background check and met our criteria to receive the background check tag. For businesses with multiple workers, this does not guarantee the specific person you're working with has passed a background check, so be sure you're comfortable with the person completing your request.


Think through insurance, permitting, and licensing

  1. Verify insurance. Something unexpected may happen during your project, so check your insurance policies to make sure you’re covered. Your own insurance provider is always the best resource to learn if your policy covers any risks associated with your project.
  2. Get permits and check licensing. A pro’s license requirements (or whether permits are required for your project) depends on the laws of your city and state, and what kind of project you’re hiring for. Contact your state or local government about specific questions.
    • A business license is NOT the same thing as an occupational license. A business license generally just means the pro is registered to do business in a city or state. It doesn’t authorize the service provider to do any specific kind of project. An occupational license is what authorizes a pro to do certain kinds of work—for instance, as a plumber or an electrician. ZuriTap’s policy allows only occupational licenses to qualify for a license tags.
    • There are several online resources that can help you verify a service providers occupational license. For example, BRB Publications, Inc. maintains a database of some state occupational licensing board websites.
    • Sometimes there may also be federal licensing requirements. For example, interstate movers must be licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.


Here are links to state government websites where you can find information about licensing:



Please note that, as a marketplace, ZuriTap does not control the actions of any service provider  or customer using our service. For more information on how ZuriTap works, click here.